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About Us

What happens when you combine a love for beauty and an appreciation for medicine? The answer is simple…


As a medical professional, I was fascinated to learn that through ultrasound and light therapy, we can target fat cells and melt them away permanently. As someone who has struggled with weight her entire life, I was excited to have this therapy and rid myself of stubborn fat around my abdomen and back.

My results were astounding!

I was so amazed by what I saw and so uplifted by how I felt that all I could think of was helping other people have the same experience.

What about trying on clothes, and having to go back for a smaller size?

How will you feel when your friends and family comment on how small you’re getting?

I can answer that for you… Amazing!

We invite you to be a part of the HourGlass story. We can help you melt away stubborn fat, lose inches, tighten sagging skin and even smooth away facial lines and wrinkles, while you relax in the comfort of our spa. You might even fall asleep!

Schedule your appointment today and let our team be of service to you. 

Adrian Williams, Founder of Hourglass Body Contouring Spa

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Hourglass Body Contouring Spa

Our spa center embodies the essence of beauty and elegance.

Body & Wellness

Medical Weight Loss Program
From $399/Month
Lipo Melt
Red Light Therapy ( Add- Ons Available: LED Face Mask, Full Body Vibration & Contouring) (Packages Available)
Myer's Cocktail
Magnesium, Calcium, Ascorbic Acid, B12 ( Additional Add-ons Available: Biotin, Fat Burning Aminos, & Zinc Booster)
Lipo B12,
Energy, Metabolism, Immunity Support, PLUS Fat Burning


Botox | Jeuveau
From $13 per unit
Packages Available
From $250/ Session
Eyebrow Microblading
Hydrating Facials
30 Minutes

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Our Benefits

Why Choose Hourglass?

Experience unparalleled care without compromising your budget. Our competitive pricing ensures access to premium treatments, making luxury and wellness affordable for all.

From revitalizing facials to advanced medical aesthetics, our extensive range of services caters to your every desire. Embrace a personalized approach to beauty and health, all under one roof.

Step into a welcoming atmosphere where everyone is celebrated. Backed by decades of medical experience, our supportive team is dedicated to your well-being, guiding you with knowledge and compassion on your journey to radiant health.

Our team members

Meet the Experts

Adrian, Owner





Body Contouring Specialist

Mama Cheryl

Registered Nurse

Nana Cheryl

Body Contouring Specialist
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