At HourGlass Body Contouring Spa, we are here to get you looking like yourself again. But we don’t just want you to feel better after – we want you to feel great throughout the process!

That’s why all of our treatments, from ones that help to melt away stubborn fat, lose inches, tighten sagging skin, and even smooth away facial lines and wrinkles, are all done while you relax in the comfort of our spa.

What we’ve realized, though, is that many of our HourGlass regulars don’t know about our full range of offers. On any given day, we have plenty of happy customers stopping by our Lash Suite for their lovely extensions, while another group takes advantage of our innovative, non-invasive technology to naturally slim, shape and contour their bodies.

To make sure our lovely guests know all that we’ve got going on at HourGlass Body Contouring Spa, today we’re breaking down the five treatments you need to try.

Eyebrow Microblading

If you’re tired of spending time every morning dealing with your eyebrows, it’s possible you’ve considered eyebrow microblading.

The most immediate perk is that instead of spending time every day for results that only last you the day, you can get results that last for up to three years with one short appointment.

Besides that time, it’ll also save you having to think about how your makeup looks after you leave the sauna, a swim, or a stressful day at work. On top of that, you can even save money on the brushes, powders, and pencils you would’ve used up over that time.

Even more impressive? For those of us who might not have the eyebrows we once did, whether due to a medical condition or simply because of aging, eyebrow microblading can restore our favorite looks and get back that youthful swag.

To book your eyebrow microblading or microblading touch up, head here.

Eyelash Extensions

At the HourGlass Body Lash Suite, you’ll get to enjoy laying back in our luxurious spa setting as our expert eyelash technicians help you to enhance your natural beauty.

Because each look is designed especially for each of our clients, we work one lash at a time to give you your desired look.

We currently offer both fill-ins and full sets of classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions. You can learn more about our HourGlass Body Lash Suite here.

Body Contouring

Body massages are known for being a tried-and-true way of relieving stress, knocking out knots, and helping us feel good. Now, what if that same technique could also help to break down stubborn fat, smooth out cellulite, and even get your skin glowing? Those are just some of the potential benefits of lymphatic drainage at the Body Contouring Spa.

The overall idea of a manual lymphatic drainage massage is to reduce swelling in the body and improve circulation. Through a combination of techniques and the appropriate level of pressure, this massage helps to detoxify your lymphatic system. Given that it’s the system in charge of keeping our fluid levels in balance and keeping us protected against infections, it’s worth taking care of!

Now, just who can benefit from a lymphatic massage?

It can help to think about the conditions that are associated with lymph fluids building up, like obesity, inflammation, infections, and cancer. Other times, it could be a lack of exercise, high stress, or an imbalanced diet that comprises our lymphatic system.

Fortunately, manual lymphatic drainage can help us to get our blood circulating, balance our bodily fluids, and keep our immune system functioning well. Plus, getting that blood moving around our face can also help restore its natural glow!

If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of lymphatic drainage, make sure to book your appointment with us today. We are also happy to help you with many other innovative body contouring treatments, including our cellulite treatment, LipoMelt, and more.

Skin Tightening

As we age, our cells start to produce less collagen, the natural protein that gives our skin its firmness. This natural process can lead us to have skin that sags, wrinkles, and other less-than-desirable qualities. On average, we start to notice this change around the age of 35.

Fortunately, we’ve got science on our side! One of the best ways to treat sagging skin is with a nonsurgical method called radio frequency skin tightening. By using energy waves, this treatment is able to heat deep layers of your skin to stimulate the production of collagen.

With a treatment that often takes under an hour, we can help boost the quantity and quality of your collagen so you can enjoy a younger-looking you.

At HourGlass Body Contouring Spa, we are happy to help provide the skin tightening services you’re looking for, from Radio Frequency Skin Tightening to our own specials like the Blast and Tighten Combo or our Tight and Bright Facial. Click here to book yours.

Vitamin Injections

Feeling a little low on energy lately? Recovering from an illness and need a boost of essential vitamins and minerals?

One of the best ways to get the dose that you need in a safe, fast-acting way is through either vitamin injections or IV therapies.

One of our most requested is the vitamin b12 shot. In addition to vitamin B12 being a boon to your mental health, it’s also ideal for healthy skin, helping with your digestive system, and more.

We are currently offering Lipo B12 shots, Vitamin B12 shots, and the Myers Cocktail Single Infusion. For more information and to schedule your appointment, you can get in touch with the HourGlass Body Contouring Spa team here.