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As a rule of thumb, semi-permanent eyelash extensions can last for around a month.

However, this doesn’t happen automatically. With proper aftercare, though, eyelash extensions can last for three full weeks and up to a month. Given the investment you’ve made in them, this helps you to get the most of your money.

From avoiding contact with water for the first four hours to not using cleaners that contain oil, salt, or glycols, there are a number of important steps to take.

We’re covering each of them in detail below as we give you the whole guide to caring for lash extensions.

7 Steps For Good Lash Extension Aftercare

Depending on your customized lash style, lash extensions are applied at a ratio of 1:16 or 1:15. There could be 90 or more lashes on each eye.

So how do you guarantee that each lash extension stays in place while also allowing your natural lashes to develop normally?

To ensure that your eyelash extensions look stunning until you come in for a refill, let’s go through seven steps of eyelash extension aftercare.

#1 Your Aftercare Schedule for Lash Extensions

False lash extensions are often put in over the course of 1.5 to 3 hours. The actual time depends on your eye shape, lash texture, length, thickness, and curls.

After that, you’ve got three different time frames to consider to optimize your lash extensions.

The First 24 Hours

In the past, false lashes took about 24 hours to set. Now, it’s about 4 hours. Still, those 4 hours are important and they must be set completely for you to get the most out of your lash extensions.

Throughout this phase, don’t get any water on your extensions. That means no exercise (sweat’s a no-no), no crying (sorry, the salt in your tears could cause problems!), and no cooking (watch out for the heat and steam).

As a note, the humidity in the air and the type of lash glue used can affect the drying time. Be sure to check in with your lash technician about how long they believe it will take for your eyelash extensions to set.

Days 2 to 5

During this period, you can get back to your regular activities. This includes taking showers, cooking, and exercising. Still, do your best to avoid prolonged heat and perspiration. Additionally, try not to play with your new lashes.

From Day 5 Till Your Refill

To prevent dirt and dust from building up on your natural lashes, remember to clean and brush your lash extensions every day.

If not, it’s possible for dust mites and other infections to grow. As a note, if you frequently use eyeliner, mascara, foundation, or eye shadow, it’s a good idea to clean your lashes once or twice a day.

For those new to cleaning their eyelashes, this is our go-to process:

  1. Grab your lash shampoo and a clean makeup brush.

  2. Lather then apply to your eyelashes

  3. Give it a clean water rinse.

  4. Let your lashes dry naturally.

  5. Use a clean mascara wand or lash comb to untangle them.

#2 Skincare And Makeup

Many cosmetic products feature oil, salts, alcohol, glycols, and other substances. Unfortunately, this isn’t ideal for eyelash extensions. That’s because oils and salts that soak into the lash line can disrupt the binding between the glue and the natural lash.

While you have your extensions in, avoid using oil cleansers and salt-based facial scrubs to prevent damage to your extensions. To help care for your lash extensions, make sure you’re reading the list of ingredients before using any new products.

#3 Mink Eyelash Extensions

In addition to the tips we’ve already shared, those using mink lash extensions should keep them away from moisture and water for up to 36 hours following treatment.

When exposed to water, real mink lashes can lose their curl and contour.

#4 Swimming With Lash Extensions

After the initial four-hour drying period, you can swim with false eyelashes on.

Still, frequent exposure to pool chlorine can weaken the adhesive produced by the lash glue, causing it to slip off early. If you frequently swim in ocean water, salt can have the same effect.

To be able to care for your lash extensions and keep swimming, look for loose-fitting goggles you can slide on over your lashes.

#5 Expectations And Unusual Situations

Lash extensions are absolutely safe when applied properly. However, allergies and reactions can occur, especially with an untrained lash tech or with allergies.

Common symptoms of allergic reactions include itching, redness, swelling, irritation, and headaches. Without treatment, lash allergies can manifest in one or both eyes and get worse over the course of a day or two.

Therefore, regardless of where you get your eyelashes done, a patch test for allergies is essential for first-timers. Finding out if you have an allergy or intolerance to the lash adhesive, gel pad, or lash extension fibers will make a huge difference.

#6 How to Know When You Need A Refill

When more than half of your lash extensions have fallen out, it’s time to go back to the lash salon for a refill.

While it may be hard to count exactly half, know that if your eyelashes appear uneven or spare, it’s time for a replacement. This often happens after the three-week mark.

#7 Maintaining Your Natural Lashes With Eyelash Serums After Removal

How should eyelashes be treated after having extensions removed? Daily conditioning of the lashes is necessary to stop the natural lashes from falling out as well.

Plus, maintaining clean lash extensions is sufficient to preserve the health of your original lashes.

You may also use a lash serum to nourish your lashes while wearing extensions.

Final Thoughts On Lash Extension Aftercare

When well taken care of, lash extensions can last for around three weeks. When you take care of them properly, they also feel and look healthy.

To start that process off right, it’s best to work with a licensed lash technician. At the Hourglass Body Contouring Spa, lash extensions are one of our specialties. To learn more about our Lash Suite – including to book an appointment for yourself – click here.