With 2022 coming to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on how this past year has gone, as well as think about what we’re looking forward to doing in the year to come. One of our yearly traditions is to put together self-care goals.

Often our New Year’s resolutions and goals relate to things like professional aspirations (get that raise!), our physical selves (get in shape!), and our social lives (get more involved!).

By putting together a plan to take care of yourself, you make yourself a priority.

That can mean putting your health and well-being on par with your other goals, better managing your stress, and finding those activities that help you feel like the best version of yourself.

Once you have the plan, it’s a matter of following it. To help you, we’re sharing 12 self-care goals for 2023. Try on one once a month, pick and choose your favorite, or use them to inspire a plan that’s entirely your own.

What matters most to us is that you make time for yourself in 2023!

12 Self-Care Goals For 2023

  1. Less Social Media, More Socializing
    Not only is social media an easy way to lose a lot of time during your day and your week, it can also start to make you feel less good about yourself. Instead, surround yourself with friends and family.

    To make it achievable, try to meet up with a loved one once a week.

  2. Commit To Yourself
    Too many New Year’s Resolutions fall to the wayside because they are too difficult to obtain. Those can include difficult-to-reach goals like “be a better friend” or “volunteer more.”

    Part of self-care is being gentle to yourself. Being consistent is easier when you give yourself goals you can achieve.

    Define your goals with tasks like “call a friend a week” or “visit the animal shelter once a month.” Doing so will help you know you’re making progress.

  3. Put Some You-Time On The Calendar
    The biggest part of self-care? Caring for yourself! It can sound redundant, but when our lives get busy, making time for ourselves is often the first thing that gets sacrificed.

    Instead of hoping that you’ll have more time for your self-care, schedule it in the calendar. From weekly me-time moments to booking your favorite treatments, seeing it in writing will ensure that it happens.

  4. Get Organized
    One simple way to cut down on stress is to streamline your home.

    Decluttering your personal space makes it easier to clean, to stay organized, and to find your personal effects when you need them.

    By cutting down on stress in your home, you’ll feel better.

  5. Be Mindful
    Self-care doesn’t always have to be about spending on yourself. It is also about appreciating what you have in the present moment.

    When you take a moment to center yourself, you’ll begin how much of what you need you already have.

  6. Embrace A Growth Mindset
    One of the most important self-care goals for 2023 is finding a way to keep your mind open.

    By practicing a positive mindset, you can train yourself to be open to the kinds of opportunities that will make this your best year ever.

  7. Refresh Your Exercise Routine
    If you weren’t happy with your exercise habit in 2022, 2023 is a great time to refresh it. To make it a self-care goal, it should be encouraging and achievable.

    Instead of a huge number of miles, consider instead a half-hour of walking or running, a set day a week for yoga, or morning stretching sessions.

  8. Talk To Someone
    One of the best self-care goals for 2023 is to prioritize your mental health. Each of us has different strategies for dealing with stress and handling our emotions. Some may choose exercise. Some like to spend time with friends.

    If you are looking for your own mental health strategy, speaking with a therapist is a step in the right direction.

  9. Pay Yourself First
    Sometimes the nicest gift you can give yourself is actually just giving yourself the gift of less stress. While debt is a challenge no matter the size, see if you can do something this month to help reduce your debt a little bit more.

    Instead of a meal out, invite a friend over for a home-cooked meal – then use what you would’ve paid to help offset your loans. It may seem small, but it’s with small steps that we accomplish big things.

  10. Take Time To Learn
    This is another of our favorite self-care goals because it prioritizes you and your interests.

    From taking on a new recipe to teaching yourself a new instrument, this is a moment to embrace the joy of discovery again.

  11. Look Back And Forward
    While setting self-care goals for 2023 does involve looking forward, we also want to build in time to reflect, too.

    By setting up time each month to think about what worked, what didn’t, and what we learned, we give ourselves more opportunities to use the time we have.

  12. Give Yourself Space
    A year is a long time. While you can accomplish a lot, it will take you time to get there. By being patient with the process, you’ll be able to enjoy it more.

    There’s enough pressure in the world as it is, so be kind to yourself!